Frequently Asked Questions

All airport pickups come included with a flight tracking feature. We monitor your flight and reschedule your pickup time accordingly, should there be an earlier or delayed arrival. In the event that the flight number provided is then cancelled, we would then contact you to confirm travel arrangements and obtain a new flight number (Where applicable).

You can cancel your booking at any stage, we understand changes in your itinerary can occur last minute. Considering this, we would appreciate your notice of cancellation as soon as possible, to avoid situations were a driver is already en route to the requested pickup address. In order to cancel, you can call us or send us an email to

To cancel, we will require your booking ID, your name and a reason of cancellation.

We will always aim to refund our customers the full journey amount (where applicable). As long you give us 24 hours notice (prior to the scheduled pickup time) we will refund your journey in full! Pre-paid bookings will be refunded in maximum 5 working days from the moment of cancellation.

If a booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the schedule pick-up time, there will be a cancellation fee applied, which depends on the time we were informed…
  • Between 24 and 3 hours before pick-up time = 30% of journey price
  • Between 3 hours and up to the pick-up time = 50% of journey price
  • Once journey has commenced (driver on the way) = 100% of journey price
  • If you booked a journey for the wrong date/time, but failed to inform us = 50% of journey price to rebook
  • If you double booked with a different company, but failed to inform or cancel the journey with us = 50% of journey price + parking/waiting fee
  • If you have booked a journey with us, but did not turn up, we will require a cancellation fee be paid, for time wasting = 50% of journey price + parking/waiting fee

You can pay for your journey by debit or credit card online directly on our website or via a payment link. Payments processed on the website are made at the time of reservation, while the payment link option allows for payment at a later stage (but must be paid prior to journey commencing). This enforcement is now in place due to the sudden rise in “no shows” and fake reservations that we have been experiencing.

The company reserves the right to accept cash payment or other forms of payment at its own discretion, but reservations can only be made with the assistance of an operator, via phone, email or via our website.

We do not currently accept card payments within the vehicle (once boarded) or over the phone unfortunately (this is to protect your sensitive information). All payments are processed online via our secure website or payment link provided (sent after booking is processed, but must be paid prior to journey commencing).

All return journeys must be paid for in advance by credit/debit card. If payment is not made prior to your return date/time we would be unable to guarantee your booking

Although you can book your transfer whenever you would like, we always recommend you do this at least 24 hours prior to your required pick-up. Short notice request cannot always be honoured seeing as we might not have an available driver in the area of your request or we might be fully booked at the time; these type of requests are also subject to extra charges and can be more expensive compared to what you were quoted on our website (applies to requests within 6 hours of requested pick-up time). In extreme situations, your booking can be cancelled if we are unable to find an available driver, but we will inform you within 90 minutes of bookings (applies to bookings processed online – website).

Depending on the type of vehicle you go for, by default, you can have one of the following cars undertaking your transfer…

Saloon category includes: VW Passat, Citroen C4, Ford Mondeo, Skoda Superb, Toyota Prius, Hyundai I50, Vauxhall Insignia, Toyota Prius or similar

Executive category includes: Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 or similar; Estate category includes: VW Passat Estate, Ford Mondeo Estate, Vauxhall Zafira, VW Touran, Toyota Prius+ or similar;

MPV category includes: VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Citroen Picasso, Toyota Prius+ or similar; 8 Seater category includes: VW Transporter, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Vivaro, Hyundai I8 or similar;

We do not make any promises on the type of vehicle that will be undertaking your transfer. Special requests can be made at the time of booking but we can never guarantee a specific make/model will be undertaking your transfer (exceptions can occur for the executive service). Over 95% of the vehicles within our fleet are 2012 or newer; all well maintained, in excellent working condition and clean. So far we have a proven track record of offering reliable and clean vehicles for all our transfers

You can book your airport using our online booking website at any time of the day or by calling us during office hours (7:00 AM – 22:00 PM London time)

We do not currently accept card payments within the vehicle (once boarded) or over the phone unfortunately (this is to protect your sensitive information). All payments are processed online via our secure website or payment link provided (sent after booking is processed, but must be paid prior to journey commencing).

In case you think you have forgotten something in one of our driver’s vehicles, please contact us as soon as you can. Although we instruct our drivers to check the vehicle after each and every journey, misplaced items can be overlooked and can go missing once other passengers board the vehicle.

If you need any assistance with a lost item, you can call us, email us at or speak to one of our operators directly on 02085506767 for further assistance.

Please note we will require your booking ID and your name in order to complete a lost & found form.

Should we spot or find any misplaced items, we will contact you and arrange for a courier service to return the items to you. Please note all courier service charges will be payable prior to the package being sent.

Upon dispatch, you will receive a text message that will provide you with the vehicle details of your allocated vehicle and also a link so you can track them. The allocated driver will be waiting for you in front of the address specified in your booking reservation, or nearest parking point available. For any problems you can always contact your driver on the provided number for further support.

You will be provided with the driver details prior to the journey commencing, and will know the driver’s name, and contact number to ensure you are able to spot each other with ease. If for any reason you are unable to locate your driver, it is best to contact the driver first as he will be able to assist you best. If you are unable to locate your driver, you can call us or email us.

In case you are experiencing prolonged delays, we recommend you contact your driver to inform him of any problems. Alternatively you can provide updates by calling us or sending us an email

The 30 mins free parking and waiting time we include after your scheduled pick-up time usually covers for these type of incidents, but should the waiting time go over the free waiting period we offer, additional costs will be applied (waiting time at £0.20/minute + parking ticket cost).

If we are unable to make contact with yourself by email or telephone within 45 mins after the scheduled pick-up time, your reservation is subject to a cancellation as per our T&C’s, for a “no show” incident.

Traffic can be a real nightmare and you should always allow plenty of time for the journey. Saying this, we have some examples below of how much time you should allow for the transfer (this takes into consideration possible traffic delays, although we can’t predict the worst case scenario) when choosing to use a airport transfer service with us.

Traffic delays can occur:

  • between 05:30 AM – 09:30 AM (duration of transfer can take up to 50% longer than what shown on Google Maps);
  • between 05:30 AM – 09:30 AM (duration of transfer can take up to 50% longer than what shown on Google Maps);
  • between 16:00 PM – 20:00 PM (duration of transfer can take up to 50% longer than what shown on Google Maps);
  • between 20:00 PM – 05:30 AM (duration of transfer usually matches that shown on Google Maps, but you must always take in consideration possible events on that day, road works, weekends etc.).

The price quoted by our website or operator is the price you will be paying at the end of the journey and it represents the cost of the entire transfer (not per passenger).

Extra charges will only apply in situations where…

  • You go over the free waiting time included in your journey (15 minutes included with regular pick-ups and 30 minutes with airport and port pick-ups + extra parking charges)
  • You alter the initial journey request (you add an additional stop on the way or diversion)
  • You show up with additional passengers/luggage compared to the journey request
  • You upgrade your vehicle type or request additional waiting time

You can edit any booking you have made regardless of how it was made (in person, on the phone, via the app) by simply calling the office. One of our operators can amend the booking for you. Unfortunately you can not currently amend app bookings through the app, you would have to cancel and rebook

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